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Toner Handling/Return Policy     OPC Handling/Return Policy

Return Policies

General Handling/Return Policy

Shipping Damage

Upon receipt of the product, please note any signs of freight damage before opening the packaging. Please document any shipping damage, take photos and contact Future Graphics Customer Service Department so we can follow up with the carrier. Future Graphics (FG) requires photos or proof of damage before returns can be authorized. Shipping damage should be noted on the carrier’s Bill of Lading, signed by the driver and a copy sent to FG.

Note: If this policy is not followed, FG will not be responsible for damage that occurred during shipping.

Out-of-Box Damage

If any FG product exhibits out-of-box defects when attempting to use, discontinue use and contact FG Technical Service Department. Please be ready to supply what the product is, engine(s) having trouble in, lot / batch number, quantity affected and full description of the problem you are experiencing. Should the Technical Department not be able to resolve the issue, they may ask you to speak with the Quality Assurance Manager to help in the situation or they may refer you directly to the Customer Service Department to issue an RMA#.

Note: Do not accumulate products longer than one month after receiving them.

If claims are not submitted within one (1) month, the processing of claims and the implementation of timely vendor corrective and preventative actions will be delayed. FG may refuse to credit toner held for longer than one (1) month.

Note: You must notify Future Graphics Customer service of the problem within 30 days of receipt.

Print Issues After Installation

Component failures due to customer, remanufacture, or end user handling damage, such as scratches, dings, contamination from filling, foreign objects, mishandling, etc., are not warranted. Do not attempt to modify the original purchased item in any manner, as this will void product warranty.

Damage from Improper Handling or Storage

Future Graphics does not warrant damaged products from improper storage or handling. This includes damage from shipping to the customer. Please check all shipments for damage.

Note: Toners can be damaged due to heat and time. The range for these toners is: -20c/-4f and 40c /104f. If the toner is subjected to these temperatures, it will begin to fuse and void the FG warranty. Again, if the product is damaged upon receipt, please note this on the Bill of Lading and report this to FG Customer Service department. If this is not noted on the Bill of Lading, this may cause delays in the credit and or void the FG warranty.

Packaging Procedures

  1. Please verify first that the product you are returning was purchased from Future Graphics. Future Graphics reserves the right to assess a $100.00 processing fee for returned products not purchased from Future Graphics. Return shipping cost will be billed to the customer for all products not purchased from Future Graphics.
  2. Please package product returns properly to prevent additional shipping damage. Future Graphics is not responsible for shipping losses and/or shipping damage of drums being returned to FG. We recommend use of a freight company that offers tracking support so that the package can be tracked if lost or stolen during transit.
  3. To help us expedite your return for prompt credit, clearly write your RMA# on the package shipping label. Do not write the RMA# directly on the box. Please return only the specified product and quantity that was authorized by the Return Authorization Number (RMA) issued.
    Note: Failure to have the RMA # clearly visible will result in the refusal of the shipment.

    Restocking Charge - There will be a restocking charge of 25% of the cost of the order for FG merchandise not damaged and returned to FG.

    Notes: Failure to abide by the RMA policy may result in refusal of the shipment. Product must be returned to FG following the above guidelines within 60 days of the date RA is issued. If RAs exceed the 60-day return period, claim must be re-submitted and is subject to re-evaluation. Product purchased over 6 months does not qualify for return.
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